Plans and strategies are the foundations of a successful marketing program.

Imagine a man who pays a million dollars for architectural drawings of his new mansion, then turns them over to a pair of boys with a bag of plastic building blocks for implementation. Pretty silly image, eh?

Sadly, we’ve seen just that happen in the business world:  Exceptional marketing plans that ultimately fail because the business owner handed the program off to a marketing contractor who had no understanding of the strategy, or hired a design firm that changed things to their own liking, then said “the plan didn’t work.”

Lucid’s Marketing services starts with a 12-week consulting process in which we meet weekly to determine direction and focus, review the research gathered during the week, and build a step-by-step plan that, based on the research, will bring the results you desire. Once the consulting process is complete, you can choose to put your plan in the hands of our internal marketing team, where it is put into action, tested, and measured every step of the way.  No “we think this is what they mean.” No “we do things differently here.”  No boys with a bag of building blocks.  Just trustworthy research, skilled technicians, and artisans overseen by experienced project managers.

Marketing Plans and Strategies - Michigan Marketing Agency

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