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Marketing grows more complex as technology expands and search capabilities become more geocentric.

Should you invest in a website?  Go for Social Media? What about Google AdWords?  Should you balance your marketing budget equally between print and electronic marketing, or give it all over to one?  Are you curious about what other marketing ideas might be appropriate for your company?

There are no carved-in-stone, yes-or-no answers, because every business is different, and what is appropriate for your biggest competitor or the store next door may be totally inappropriate for you.

Lucid Business Strategies’ Business Marketing services encompass a full range of options. What makes us different is that we take the time to look at the big picture of your business and determine what marketing ideas will bring the greatest results before we ever lay pen to paper.

We’re not in it just to give you a good looking website or a pretty brochure. We’re in it to bring you results you can count on.

Web Design – From simple Landing Pages to 100-page websites with e-commerce capabilities, Lucid Business Strategies has the experience and expertise to design and develop a web presence that brings results.

Marketing Plans and Strategy –  The first step in any serious marketing effort should be a well-researched and thoroughly thought-out plan. Learn more about the ordinary and extraordinary marketing ideas employed by Lucid Business Strategies.

Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, e-newsletters, content marketing, pay-per-click programs, and blogging services are aspects of a strong online presence. Are you doing enough? Too much? How would you know?

Traditional Marketing – Print isn’t dead! There’s plenty of small business marketing options that employ print on its own, or in conjunction with online marketing.


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