Testimonial – Wayne Oehmke

“Our chamber has had the opportunity to partner with Lucid on many occasions over the last several years, and we’ve both grown and found value in our relationship. Our chamber and members have benefited from their expertise at many levels, and Lucid president... Read More

Testimonial – Tricia Casasanta

“There was a time in my life where my company totally consumed my time. Starting work earlier than most birds awaken and leaving work when most people have resigned for the night. I did not have time to do the things I loved to do. It was all about the company.... Read More

Testimonial – Ron Current

“Since 2000, Jeff McElyea and Lucid Business Strategies have and continue to be a vital marketing & strategic partner for our Chamber. Lucid is instrumental in the success of our key referral program- the Business Resource Alliance Groups (B.R.A.G.™) that... Read More

Testimonial – Jennifer Connell

“Working with the team at Lucid Business Strategies is a pleasure–we appreciate their high integrity and honesty. Our organization has gone from ‘nowhere to be found‘ to the top listing in Google’s search engine and we didn’t pay for ads!  Their expertise... Read More

Testimonial – Jeff Carless

Jeff is a multi-talented business consultant. With his vast experience in the business world as well as his high level of integrity, education and work ethic – he is able to work with any size business from a one on one with the owner to a large training... Read More