Rating Your Website Customer Service

Rating Your Website Customer Service

If you’re like most business owners, you’ll probably rate your phone and in-person customer service as “pretty good.”  Customers are, of course, a high priority.

Now, how about the quality of customer service on your website?

I don’t mean how quickly you respond to e-mails originating from the site, or even how well your FAQ page resolves questions web visitors may have.

I want to know how well your customers feel served by your site when you aren’t there.

Customer Service Checklist

Do You Test Your Site Regularly?


  • How well/quickly do you answer their infrequently asked questions?
  • Do you solve their problem without phone support?
  • How easily can they navigate the site to find the information they need?

And the biggest question of all: When was the last time you conducted a test on any of those items?

If you test frequently and can answer all the questions, kudos to you!  You are one of the few folks creating a better web, and a great experience for your customers.

If you haven’t tested in a while, or if you haven’t ever tested, great opportunities might be passing you by.

Testing starts with answering a series of questions. Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I looked at Analytics for my website?
  • What are the top 10 keywords driving traffic to my site?
  • What is my current “Average Time on Site”?
  • What is my bounce rate?
  • How was I doing last year vs. this year with overall site visits?
  • On which page do most people “land”?
  • From which page do most people leave the site?

In the next article, we’ll go into more detail about how often you should ask these questions, what these answers should be, and what you should do with the information.

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