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Don’t be fooled: A mobile website isn’t easy to build yourself. It’s more than the design that is challenging. Understanding how to create the right mobile experience for your user is difficult without experience. A mobile website often needs to serve an entirely different purpose than a desktop website, even if they are built from the same content. Bottom line is: Your entire website – whether being viewed on a mobile or desktop device – must be successful. It must generate a return on investment, and act as your online storefront to serve customers and do business.

What Does My Mobile Website Need?

A mobile site is meant to be transactional, which means people want to take action and do business with you through it. For many businesses, it is your online storefront. People search for the site because they are looking for coupons for your products or services, want to order online, or are looking for your phone number or directions to your location.

They’re standing in line somewhere, or have pulled to the side of the road to pull out their phone. They want a quick and simple answer – not pages of text they have to try to make bigger or wade through to find what they need.

Only Hire a Web Developer Who Understands Usability

As mobile website technology advances, sites have become increasingly minimalist, sleek, and tightly focused on usability. This means creating effective mobile sites takes strong knowledge and application of what users want, and delivering it through the coding behind the cool design, coupled with detailed knowledge of the psychological factors that drive mobile search. Serving it to a user with action-oriented content is the art of effective mobile website design.

Whether you’re just thinking about going mobile, or know the time is NOW, we’re ready to show you how easy and profitable it can be.

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