Business-growth-consultingBusiness Growth Consulting

When it’s time to grow the business in response to demand for your service or product, where do you start? Should you grow the business by adding staff first, or build more capacity?

How will you choose, and what will you use as the guideposts for your choices and the goals they should meet?

Our Business Growth Consulting process helps you understand when, where, and how business growth should take place, and guides you through the implementation. By the end of the process, you will have a detailed road map which, when followed to the letter, will foster the business growth you desire.

Most engagements are customized, covering virtually every aspect of your business including: management, staff, operations, and logistics.


  •  DiSC™ Training – Assessments and training on the personality types, how they interact, and whether your staff members are in the right positions for themselves, and for the good of the company.
  • Management Skills – Leadership plays a huge part in the success of the business. Are your leaders doing their job?
  • Sales Training – build a strong, cohesive team and watch your sales go through the roof.
  • Business Mentoring – When you wish there was someone you could turn to for advice.
  • Time Management Skills – Success isn’t just about managing priorities – it’s also about managing the time allotted for them.
  • Team Development – How well do your staff interact among themselves? Do they have a common goal? Is everyone on board with the company mission, or are they like a flotilla of rubber rafts, flipped over by every strong gust of wind?

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