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Blogs, blogging, bloggers—they’ve changed the very nature of communications and social media.Blogging Services

For some small businesses, the company blog has become their do-it-on-the-fly public relations department. For others, the company blog is a place to blather on about a lot of stuff that interests no one but the writer.

Blogs should accomplish four things:

  • Make the search engines aware of you so they index your knowledge, which means people searching for your product or service will find you faster.
  • Compel you to share what you know, which means people will come to trust you as an authority.
  • Contain content that is informative and share-able, hopefully going viral very quickly.
  • Open the door to communications with more prospects and customers.

Lucid Business Strategies offers several levels of blog creation services, ranging from setting up the space to complete design, development and management.

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