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Today's small business marketing is done primarily online. It requires both a lot of time, and constant studying to gain and keep the expertise required to rank in the search egnines, entice searchers to visit your site, and then get them to contact you. Most small businesses cannot regularly do that. That's why you need an organization such as Lucid Business Strategies on your team!

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  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The first step towards generating a lead is being found by the search engines. Not only does your website need to be found, it needs to be found at each stage that buyers are in during their search. We do this for you.
  • Content Marketing – Every successful marketing strategy includes content marketing as its centerpiece.Creating and sharing valuable free content attracts and converts prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. Most small businesses cannot keep up with the content demand. We do this work for you. 
  • Social Media – It has become a given that you need to publish via social media. Knowing which social media channel to use is challenging, and varies by type of business. Attracting fans and followers can be a full-time job all by iteself. Publishing content via social channels that drives traffic to your website is also time-intensive. We do this work for you.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing tactic available - if it's done correctly. Make good use of your contact list with consistent educational or motivational emails that keep your business in front of your customers and prospects.
  • Pay-per-Click – The fastest growing, most effective way to drive traffic to your website and convert site visitors to customers.
  • Blogging Service – Blogs attract attention to your business and prove your authority. Lucid’s blogging service and experienced copy writers take the work off your shoulders.

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