Recruiting and Hiring Good People

    Jeff McElyea, Lucid Business Strategies

    You already know that your most important asset is your people. But how, as a small business owner, do you find and hire the best? What skills and abilities should you require? Where do you go to find quality people?

    Skills, Character Traits and Education

    Start by defining the necessary skills, education and character traits that are needed to perform the job. This information should be found in the job description. If you don’t have one, create one. Knowing the qualifications and requirements will make it easier to construct ads and social media posts, and identify sources that would be most appropriate in attracting qualified candidates.

    Once you know what you’re looking for, add a bit of creativity to your regular recruiting practices:

    Creative Recruiting Strategies

     No matter which way you go – traditional recruiting such as newspaper ads or agencies, or posting online through Social Media and on your website – you’ll attract candidates. But are they qualified? If not, here are a few creative strategies that may give you an edge over your competition:

    1. Try before you buy: Offer internship or apprenticeship opportunities – a cost-effective way to find talented candidates that are required to do an internship or apprenticeship for their degree requirements. This gives you time to evaluate a candidate before making the hiring decision at the end of the agreed time.
    2. Employee Referrals: Begin an employee-referral program and reward employees by providing a monetary incentive for referred candidates that have been on board with the company for at least six months. Providing these incentives is not only motivating to the employee, but also creates a shared vision and a feeling among employees that we are all in this together.
    3. Host an Open House: And a tour of your business facility and/or hold an on-site job/career fair. This is an excellent way for prospective candidates to see what you are all about, and gives them a taste of the company culture.
    4. Stay in touch:  When talented people leave the company, use them as sources for finding new talent. Talented people usually attract other talented people.
    5. Network: Network with clients, customers, suppliers, local colleges, and universities. Building  relationships is a powerful tool in finding qualified candidates and marketing your business.

    Recruiting isn’t an exact science, even for the mega-corporations that have staffing contracts and sophisticated staffing technologies. For small business, the first step is ensuring that this is the right time to hire. Finding the right people comes from building an appropriate job description, a list of essential qualities and skills, and using a wide variety of avenues to attract candidates.

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