Case Studies


Case Study #1:  A new way to serve thousands of members

With a goal to better serve their members (at the time 1500 strong and growing), this client was converting their outdated, difficult-to-use website to an integrated database and content management system. The system would allow greater communication and functionality for their members, including the ability to register for events, pay invoices, and advertise their businesses. Lucid Business Strategies was contracted to help the project along to completion when numerous challenges arose between the client and the software vendor.  We acted as a director and "translator" between the two parties and got the project on track, made critical decisions, coordinated content, developed marketing strategies for banner advertising on the site, and worked with members to build banner ads and select their advertising strategically.

Case Study #2:  Rising to the top in their field

This client is a technology company that sells computer hardware and printer services (large, specialized printers) throughout the United States. They decided to change their business model from selling hardware via telemarketing and direct sales to selling primarily printer repair services using the Internet as its primary marketing channel. Lucid Business Strategies was contracted in 2007 to work with the management team to build a national online marketing campaign that included a heavy emphasis on search engine optimized microsites and landing pages, and an aggressive pay-per-click (Google Adwords) campaign.  We still work with this client today, and to date have provided direction on building the brand online, SEO activities, input on PPC campaigns, developing metrics for measuring success, implementing reporting procedures, and continue to drive progress with monthly marketing improvement meetings.

The company has almost doubled the amount of revenue it has generated in its service division, and is successful at generating repeat business and outranking very large national competitors.

Case Study #3:  A breakaway builds an expert organization

The owner of this company left a former employer to start his own pest control company. Lucid Business Strategies was contracted to develop and implement the new company’s marketing campaigns. We decided on an online marketing strategy to include a search engine optimized website, pay-per-click campaigns, and geo-targeted landing pages. The campaigns were so successful that the company asked us to pause their campaigns because they could not handle the volume of business they were generating! The company has gone from start-up to a very fast growing company in just over a year, now has a staff of five, and is a select partner of many other pest control companies for the service areas they handle best.

Case Study #4:  From frustrated employee to savvy entrepreneur

This company was a start-up in an industry that barely existed and very few people knew about when we started working with them in 2007. We worked with the owner to create the company, from name and branding to business plan, staffing, executive coaching, and two marketing plans. The client contracted Lucid Business Strategies to guide the implementation of the marketing plans as well, which included development of their website, online marketing efforts, and creating leads from these efforts. The company has been growing significantly each year, with a 29% increase in revenue from 2011 to 2012; they've also been recognized by many professional organizations and have won two prestigious awards from some of Michigan's major media outlets.